What is Work

Any Physical or Mental Activity Performed to Achieve Something is Called Work.

Work is Important Because

  • We Earn Our Income by Doing Work.
  • We Get Respect & Recognition Due to Our Work.
  • We Are Committed Towards Completion of Work.
  • We Are Valued For Our Work
  • And Many Others.

Work Issues

  • By Nature Humans Tend to Forget, Postpone or Avoid Doing Work.
  • Volume of Work Creates Havoc in Our Minds.
  • Dependency on Other Entities Like Seniors, Juniors, Other Departments, Vendors & Customers Makes Work Management More Difficult.
  • Work is Difficult to Track - Where is my Work? At What Stage is it? If not Completed, What is The Reason for the Delay?
  • Allocation of Work is Poor: Which Work is Assigned to Which Employee, in Which Department, is not Clear.
  • Pending Work, Work in Progress & Completed Work is Unknown Most of The Time. The Status of The Work is Mostly Unrecorded, Which Creates Friction Between Employees, Which Further Leads to Frustration and job Dissatisfaction.
  • Since There is no Data, There is no Analysis, & Thus no Discussion & Decision, Which Leads to Delay, Which in Effect Leads to Increased Cost & Ultimately to Loss.
  • One Delay Leads to Another & Creates a Chain Reaction of Delays Across Departments & Branches.

Work Mismanagement

Be it an Employee, a Department or a Company, Mismanagement of Work has Severe Consequences for all:

These Consequences Are

  • Losing Credibility
  • Losing Customers
  • Losing Market Share
  • Financial Loss
  • Hinders Drowth And
  • Allows Competitors to Grow Stronger

To Reduce Mismanagement of Work, We Use One or More of The Following

  • Memory
  • Notebook or Diary
  • Sticky Notes
  • Emails
  • Personal Secretary

In Spite of Using One or More of The Above Methods we Miss Deadlines, Which Either Upset Our Seniors or Dissatisfy Our Customers. This Means That Our Work Management Needs to Be Better For Our Own Growth, as Well as For The Overall Growth of The Company.

After we Have Missed a Deadline, we Ask Ourselves And our Colleagues the following questions

  • We Ask Ourselves “I am Handling my Work Properly & Systematically, But What About The Department, Branch or Company as a Whole?”
  • Where do we Stand in Handling Company’s Overall Work?
  • Do we Have any Mechanism to Track & Manage Company’s Complete Work? If Not, What Steps Have we Taken to Establish Such a Mechanism?
  • Management Always Gets Perturbed by The Unavailability of Pending Work List, But Have They Taken any Decisive Action to Manage Work?
  • Are we Aware of The Consequences of Mismanaged Work in The Long Run?
  • How Many Times Our Company Has Paid a Heavy Price Due to: Non Generation of Work, Non Allotment of Work, Non Tracking of Work & Unknown Work Status.


The Solution is, Meeka Software's "MY OFFICE WORK" or "MOW" Software.
MOW - My Office Work is Web Based Software That Generates, Allots, Tracks and Assigns Status to Work.

Work Generation

  • Direct Work Generation.
  • Work Generation From Emails.
  • Work Generation From Meeka’s Matflow ERP Software.

Direct Work Generation

  • Sending a Quotation After a Customer’s Phone Call.
  • Minutes of a Meeting.
  • Putting a Thought in Writing.
  • Summarizing a Discussion.
  • And any Other Work Which Does Not Already Exist and is Required by The Company.

Work Generation From Emails

  • Email is a Vital Part of Any Organizational Communication & Hence it is a Major Source of Work Generation.
  • An Employee is Responsible to Check His Official Email id & Respond to it With Necessary Action. Many Times This Action Involves Creation of Work Like Sending a Quote, Following up With Another Department Etc.
  • Most of The Time Employees do not Have a List of Emails Against Which no Action Has Been Taken & Once an Email is Out of Focus, The Task Associated With it is Forgotten, Until The Employee Gets Harsh Words Either From His Senior or From The Client Himself.
  • MOW Assists You in Tracking Work That is to be Done Against Emails. To Add to This MOW Allows a Single Employee to Handle Multiple Email Addresses. It Also Facilitates Many Employees to Generate Work Against a Single Email id.

Work Generation From Meeka’s Matflow ERP Software

  • Matflow 2012, Meeka’s ERP Solution, Efficiently Generates Work Directly & Through Emails & Automatically Allocates it to Concerned Employees.
  • MOW Makes Work Management Through ERP Simple. It Acts as a Bridge Between The ERP Software & Employees.
  • Once Work is Generated Through Matflow ERP, MOW Notifies Concerned Employees About The Generated Work. It Also Allows you to Mention Status of Work & in This Way it Informs What Actions are Required to Complete That Work.

Allocation of Work

  • Most of The Time we Know That Work is to be Done But by Whom, is Not Clear. Also The Completion Date & Time is Not Decided & as a Result Work Allocation Does not Happen.
  • But When Work is Generated Using a Software Solution, it Has to be Allocated at The Same Moment Without Delay. Software Generated Work Can be Allocated to Oneself, to One’s Subordinate or Colleague & in Some Cases Even to One’s Senior.
  • When Work is Allotted Using MOW, it is Allotted With Priority & Expected Completion Date & Time. Any Reference Like: Another Ongoing Project, Customer’s Order, an Event in The Company or Even Work Type & Description Can be Mentioned.
  • Supporting Documents Can be Attached Along With The Work, & Viewing Rights Can be Set as Per Requirement and Seniority.

Tracking of Work

  • After Allotting Work to an Employee With Expected Completion Date, The Situation Becomes Complex, Since Through The Software The Amount of Work Generated & Allotted is Much More Than Before. However MOW Keeps Track of This & Gives Reminders According to Priority.
  • MOW Facilitates Tracking of Work, Giving Extra Instructions & Checking The Last Status of Work. Moreover What Activities Have Been Performed Against an Allotted Task Can Also be Known Through Notes, Which are Either Entered by The Allotter or The Employee Who Has Received The Task.

Status of Work

  • Once an Employee Completes The Work Assigned to Him, he Can Mark it as “Done”. However The System Will Show The Work as Complete Only When The Allotter of That Task Checks The Work and Marks it as “Done”.
  • In Case The Work is Overdue, Then, The Employee Has to Enter The Reason for The Delay.
  • If The Person Who Has Generated The Work is Not Satisfied With The Work Quality, He Can Reopen The Task & Reassign it to The Same Employee or he Can Assign it to Another Employee for Improvement.

Analysis of Data

  • MOW Helps Seniors Analyze Why Certain Tasks Take More Time to Complete, & This Analysis Helps Them Decide if The Working Style is to be Changed or Training is to be Given to Specific Employees to Increase Their Efficiency.
  • Through MOW, Over Burdened & Less Burdened Employees Can be Known & Work Allocation Can be Made More Efficient.
  • MOW Makes Digging of History Possible & This Can be Helpful to Detect or Solve a Problem in The Present.
  • Other Activities Going on in Various Departments of The Company Can Also be Known Through MOW.
  • Work Type Wise Delayed Work Analysis Shows Which Department is Weak & Accordingly Necessary Training Can be Given to Employees of That Department.
  • he Reasons For Delay of Tasks Will Tell Seniors Where The Firm is Lacking & Will Help Them Take Necessary Actions to Correct Mistakes.

Rights based access control and viewing

  • MOW is a Completely Right Based System Which Lets You Decide, Who Can View & Edit or Delete Any Transaction or Master File.
  • he Department Head is Authorized to View The Work of Each of His Subordinates & he Can thereby Manage The Overall Work of His Department.
  • The Company Head Has The Rights to View The Work Either Department Wise or Employee Wise. He can Use Those Rights to Keep Track of Company’s Overall Work.



Through MOW, an Employee Can set & View His Calendar. Details Like Scheduled Meetings, Work Deadlines Etc. Can be Easily Known.

Attaching Documents
Attaching Documents

Along with work generation and work allocation, MOW also allows users to attach documents.

Transfer of Work
Transfer of Work

A User Can Transfer The Work Which Has Been Generated for Him.

Priority of Work
Priority of Work

Work Can be Given Priorities Like, Urgent, High, Normal or Low. Based on The Priority Given, Employees Can Filter The Work.


MOW Provides Employee Wise Dashboard Facility. Based on The Rights Given, an Employee Can View The Data of His Subordinates, & in Some Cases he Can Even View The Data of His Senior.

Email & SMS Confirmation
Email & SMS Confirmation

When Work is Allotted, The System Will Send an Email as Well as a SMS to The Employee to Whom The Task is Allotted.

Work Type
Work Type

Through MOW, a User Can Create & Assign a Work Type to His Task. This Enables Creation & Analysis of Different Types of Work.

Work Allotment
Work Allotment

An Employee Can Allot Work to His Subordinates & in Some Cases Even to His Senior. The Allotter Can Also Mention Work Type, Priority & Expected Completion Date.

Cloud or Personal Server
Cloud or Personal Server

According to The Requirement, A Company Can Choose Between Either a Cloud Based Server, or a Personal Server.

Web Based Software
Web Based Software

Being a Web Based Software, MOW Can be Installed on a Cloud or Local Server, & so it Eliminates The Need to Install Software on Each Computer.